Our mission here at E3 Academy is to engage, equip, and empower students through using their distinct gifts and learning styles. We desire to make difference in each of our students lives through; getting to know each individual child for who they are, student leadership opportunities, service projects, and academic excellence in a distinctly loving and nurturing environment. We strive to make this unique learning experience available to all students by offering individualized learning paths and scholarships when needed.

Our TK-12th grade students are all offered a low student-to-teacher ratio for the most effective learning environment. This ensures that your child is given every opportunity to succeed and grow. Students receive individual attention daily while also benefiting from  both small and large group interactions where public speaking, social development, and confidences are boosted. Students are given many opportunities to lead groups, learn through teaching others, and to serve outside of our school walls.

Our experienced teachers provide instruction and motivation for students to perform at their peak. Utilizing the highest quality teaching tools, methods, and materials, our teachers strive to give our students a sense of ownership over their education as they learn to work and discover independently.

For students opting into our optional religious program, these students will be part of a daily Bible courses before instructional time, weekly chapel services, and monthly service projects. Your student will grow in their personal relationship with God, while gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation of his word