Halfway Through Summer

This summer has been full of reflections, problem solving, and looking forward to the exciting programs we will be adding this year. While (shockingly enough) your teachers talk and plan all summer long I am especially excited for the time we will all meet together and finalize our coming school year. During this time we are diligent to assess each student, teacher, and staff member to establish what our needs are for the coming year. My favorite part is looking at those needs and then implementing something new so that we can rock the new year.At the end of each year I look back and I am amazed at everyone’s progress and then begin to wonder what more could I have done? The summer is exciting because instead of wondering how I could have done more,I get to actually implement more! We are so fortunate to have a staff that is willing to do whatever it takes in order to watch a student succeed and the year 2020/2021 will not disappoint!!

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