Here at E3 your safety matters. We understand our students thrive with individualized learning with their teachers and these procedures will help to keep our grades 1-6 together for in person learning.

Disinfectant Plan:

We have purchased 2 disinfectant foggers. We have a small easily portable one that will be used to clean the classrooms while students are on breaks/eating lunch. The larger fogger will be used in all areas where students have had access once all students have left the building for the day.

Each teacher will have a disinfectant spray which will be used each morning on all door knobs, light switches, handles, bathroom surfaces, tables, desks, chairs, other commonly touched areas, and student areas before students enter the building.

Students will not share supplies. Students will each have their own box with supplies needed.

Classes will take breaks to wash hands at the handwashing stations before and after all breaks/lunches.

Students will be given hand sanitizer anytime they enter a classroom door.

Individual lunch areas will be disinfected by students and teacher after eating


 Students will stay with the same group of students all day which average 10 and will not exceed 13 Students per cohort. Students may be broken into small groups but will not mix into other classrooms.

Breaks and eating times will be taken by class. Classes will sit together at lunch tables at assigned seats leaving an empty seat in between each student.

Students will eat lunches and snacks brought from home, no students will share food.

Classroom seating will be separated so that students either have 6ft or a partition to give individual space.

The space does not include water fountains, bottle fillers may be used by students and staff.

Entrance, Egress, and Movement Within the School: How movement of students, staff, and parents will be managed to avoid close contact and/or mixing of cohorts.

Students will enter into the back of the building (gym area) where they will sit (6ft apart) in their classes. Once Students have arrived, each class will be called back one at a time to go into their classroom so that there will not be crowding in any hallways.

Students will have individual locker spaces to store their belongings which they can access 2-3 at a time while waiting to be dismissed to class.

Only students will enter the building for drop off and pick-up times. Parents will stay in the car while a teacher brings the student in/out of the building.

If a parent is volunteering they must complete a health screening and it must be approved 48hrs in advance.

Students will not mix into other classrooms, if a teacher must move to a different classroom they will wash their hands before entering.

Assignments will be turned in digitally when possible.

Face Coverings and Other Essential Protective Gear: How CDPH’s face covering requirements will be satisfied and enforced.

All students will have lanyards in which they have attached their mask. Masks will be worn unless eating, drinking, or playing outside. Tk-2nd grade students may remove their mask when sitting down with space between other students. Having the lanyards will ensure masks are not picking up extra germs from falling on the floor.

Staff will wear face mask when in contact with other staff or students

Health Screenings for Students and Staff: How students and staff will be screened for symptoms of COVID-19 and how ill students or staff will be separated from others and sent home immediately.

Before entering the building, students will be checked with a contactless thermometer to ensure there is no fever. Students must be able to answer no to the following questions in order to enter:

 Have you or anyone in your household exhibited cold, flu, or COVID symptoms?

Have you or anyone in your household been in direct contact with someone testing Positive for COVID-19?

If a student or staff member is showing any symptoms of illness they will be sent directly home or to a room which in not in use by others until they can be picked up. If symptoms are serious, administration or staff will contact 911 for transfer

If a student or staff member has been in close contact with a positive case they must be sent home immediately and quarantine for 14 days after possible exposure date.

Any area used by suspected positive case will be closed for 24hrs and then properly disinfected

If a student or staff member tests positive they will not be allowed to return until a negative test is received and 14 day quarantine has taken place.

If student or staff member is sick but does not have a positive COVID test they may not return unless 3 days since Fever.

 Healthy Hygiene Practices: The availability of handwashing stations and hand sanitizer, and how their use will be promoted and incorporated into routines.

Handwashing stations are available in the hallway and will be used before and after any break. One sink is open in between the bathrooms, while another single bathroom will remain open for handwashing only in order to have 2 sinks available at all times. Students will be instructed to wash hands while singing “Happy Birthday” two times through.

Signage will be posted near all sinks encouraging handwashing

Hand Sanitizer stations will be placed in any area occupied by staff or students

Hand sanitizer will be used anytime someone enters a classroom.

Students and staff must use hand sanitizer after the use of a tissue

Identification and Tracing of Contacts: Actions that staff will take when there is a confirmed case. Confirm that the school(s) have designated staff persons to support contact tracing, such as creation and submission of lists of exposed students and staff to the local health department and notification of exposed persons. Each school must designate a person for the local health department to contact about COVID-19.

If there is a confirmed case That student/staff member must quarantine for 14 days and return only with a negative COVID-19 test after a 14 day quarantine. The student or staff member who has tested positive will be documented by the school administration and reported to OC health department.

All students and staff who were in direct contact with positive case will be notified without sharing names of those infected due to FERPA.

If a case is confirmed the health department will be notified and the cohort in direct contact will be closed for 14 day quarantine. Any space used by positive case will be disinfected after 24hrs.  

 Physical Distancing: How space and routines will be arranged to allow for physical distancing of students and staff.

Students and staff will remain in small cohorts (less than 13, average of 10) to make for easy social distancing.

Drop off will hold students in cars while 2 students at a time are screened and enter the building

Pick up time will consist of students being called from sitting in lines (6 ft apart and using face coverings) to exit the building and enter their car.

Lunch and snack tables will allow for space between students

Playground equipment that does not involve shared space/ equipment will be provided during recess time. All equipment will be cleaned in between uses.

 Staff Training and Family Education: How staff will be trained and families will be educated on the application and enforcement of the plan.

Staff will have an in-person training (using social distancing) Where all procedures will be shared along with a copy of procedures to keep in their classrooms. Staff will be instructed on preparedness, handwashing, and the need to stay home when feeling ill. Staff will receive a copy of the “Covid-19 Industry Guidance: Schools and School Based Programs” printed from the CDPH website.

Families will receive a copy of all procedures and health instructions before school begins along with a virtual presentation during virtual back to school night where they will be instructed in all school procedures as well as healthy guidelines. Families will be instructed to keep students home when there are any signs of illness. Parents will be informed that illness consists of fever, runny nose, cough, fatigue, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, new loss of taste or smell.

Families and students will also be instructed of the importance of not touching mouth, eyes, ears, or nose.

 Testing of Students and Staff: How school officials will ensure that students and staff who have symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 will be rapidly tested and what instructions they will be given while waiting for test results. Describe how staff will be tested periodically to detect asymptomatic infections.

All Students and staff who show any symptoms will be given a list of nearby testing centers and will be encouraged to test. They will be instructed to quarantine for 14 days and not return until symptom free for 3 days after their quarantine. Staff will be asked to test before beginning school and every 2 months so ensure asymptomatic cases are not being spread.  

Triggers for Switching to Distance Learning: The criteria the superintendent will use to determine when to physically close the school and prohibit in-person instruction.

Distance learning will occur for immediately for the minimum duration of a 14 day quarantine in:

Cohorts with a confirmed case

Schoolwide if there are cases in multiple cohorts in a period of 14days or 5% of the school population has tested positive.

 Communication Plans: How the superintendent will communicate with students:

 Families will be notified of any positive cases through text message, School communication app, and email regardless of cohort. Positive Case will be labeled as “Positive Case” and will not include any student information due to FERPA. Students will always have the option for 100% virtual learning regardless of cohort or number of positive cases.